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The Cloud

We believe in the cloud because it makes so much sense so much of the time. But it doesn’t always, and we know how to tell the difference.

In addition to understanding the benefits of cloud-based solutions, we are also keenly aware of the cloud’s limitations. If your software or network architecture cannot take advantage of “parallelism”, then the cloud may not a good fit for you. The reason is that a single, monolithic virtual server with multiple cores, tons of RAM, and scores of available threads will wind up costing more and delivering less than a physical server with the same features.

Nevertheless, it may well be prudent to learn how to benefit from the gigantic amount of low-cost computing power, redundancy, and geographical locality that a cloud architecture can deliver. There are some really good reasons the giants of high tech like Google and Amazon developed the cloud. The benefits may make it worth the investment in refactoring your software to take advantage of parallelism.

We also believe in automating the cloud. And monitoring the cloud. And optimizing the cloud.

And so will you–sooner or later. We think sooner is better.