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IVR and VoiceXML

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications marry the web with your phone. Meet one of the matchmakers and a friend of the groom: Ross Lambert.

In 2002, Who’s Calling needed to rapidly develop an IVR platform that could do some pretty amazing things, so they turned to Ross. He didn’t invent click-to-call, or call blasting, or skills-based routing, but he certainly perfected them. And these VoiceXML callflows were not static, one-shot wonders, either. Using the magic of XSL transformations, Ross created a library of reusable routines that would create dynamic callflows based on the customer’s data.

Customers like H & R Block and DiTech Mortgage used Who’s Calling’s system to route calls to the nearest open office for any individual caller, and then also route to the first available person based on their skill and the source of the call. If a caller was responding to a mortgage ad, they went to the fist available loan officer. Callers from other ads went to different and appropriate operators.

Digital Provisioners can therefore do more than just elaborate call flows, we can do smart calls.

Very smart.