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Architecture Design

Digital Provisioners has a wealth of software development expertise, all of which we bring to the table when designing the architecture for your projects. Even if we don’t write all the code, it is worth having us design your system. We have deep experience in:

Big Data: Yes, it is trendy, but for a good reason–there can be gold nuggets in your mountains of data, but a wise miner doesn’t try to dig up every mountain. Instead, we can help you decide on the most efficient, cost-effective, and truly useful “veins” of information.

M2M, also known as the “Internet of Things”: We did machine-to-machine before it was cool. We are absolutely specialists in low-level machine protocols. If your device speaks Modbus, DNP3, or even a proprietary protocol, we can still get your data into the cloud for analysis and reporting.

Business Rules: We are experts with a major rules engine, DROOLs, and can provide dynamic intelligence and seriously sophisticated workflows to your applications.

The Cloud: The power of the cloud comes not from using a virtual server or two, but from knowing how to use an array of servers in parallel. Even more importantly, certain processes need to be fully automated–if you can’t spin up servers automatically to meet a spike in load, the cloud may actually be a very frustrating place. Oh, and you need to automate shutting down unneeded capacity, too, or the cloud can be an unnecessarily expensive environment, too.

MOM (Message Oriented Middleware): We are messaging madmen. If your architecture does not leverage message for elasticity and reliability, well… you should be.

Actors: Actors go hand-in-hand with messaging to provide a robust and self-healing architecture. Our actors don’t win Emmys, but they do almost all the work in just about every system we build. And we build big systems.