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Digital Provisioners is a Conduit Integration Partner!

Digital Provisioners is the very first official integration partner for Conduit, Blueprint Technologies’ new data centralization and virtualization tool. Conduit has several key advantages for companies of all sizes:

  1. Conduit centralizes and abstracts data access. This is a bigger deal than it might seem. Consider the case where you’re moving from one database platform to another… if you set up your “connectors” in Conduit, your database consumers won’t have to change a thing the day you switch platforms. You just point your connector to the new database and wham, bam, the data comes from the new database*.
  2. Easier–and better–security: Conduit provides a single, lightweight path for all your databases so that instead of the big, bad outside world hitting each of the servers directly, they go through a single, more easily defensible end point. Network admins take note: All database connections go through a single pin-hole in your firewall, not the usual Swiss cheese approach.
  3. Conduit auto-generates an oData API for data access and queries. If you’re a developer, you don’t have to do oData grunt work anymore. The whole spec is ready for any database the day you deploy Conduit. If you’re a company, you don’t have to pay developers to do oData grunt work any more. They can work on the fun stuff, which is generally the most valuable brain challenges that make the real money.

Don’t take our word for it: Snag yourself a free month or two to see what Conduit can do for you. We can make that happen; just fill out the form below. We will get you the info you need as fast our little electronic gnomes can type.

* Of course we are assuming the same schema, or at least additive changes.
  • Don’t hand code oData APIs any longer: Let Blueprint Technologies’ Conduit do it for you! Sign up here to see how… Please use the form to below to request your free 60-day trial of Blueprint's Conduit. This form is more reliable than email (really).

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